ASL Allen Speech & Language

Allen Speech & Language is an independent speech & language therapy service specialising in working with children from 30 months - 16 years of age in the Essex, London, Hertfordshire areas.

Allen Speech & Language services can provide speech & language assessments, advice and therapy for children with a wide range of communication difficulties including;

  • Understanding of spoken language (Receptive Language)
  • Speaking and structuring sentences (Expressive Language)
  • Processing of language and auditory memory
  • Stammering and dysfluency
  • Social communication
  • Production of speech sounds
  • Developmental delay

Speech & language difficulties can have a profound effect on an individual's abitlity to function happily within the family, peer group and school settings. Allen Speech & Language therefore focus on collaborative working with the family members and school staff to achieve maximum communication potential for the child.


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