No Pens Day Wednesday

A survey of two hundred young people in an inner city secondary school found that 75% of them had communication problems that hampered relationships, behaviour and learning.

No Pens Day Wednesday was a flagship event of the Hello campaign in 2011 (national year of communication), which encouraged schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities.

No Pens Day Wednesday is back on Wednesday 9th October 2013!

For more information and to register visit The Communication Trust website.

The SLI Handbook by ICAN

This book will help parents to understand this complicated and confusing difficulty, by describing what SLI can look like in children of all ages and how it is different from other forms of speech, language and communication needs. It explains the processes that children with SLI may go through once they have the right diagnosis. It also outlines the kinds of schools available to them with examples of what good support looks like.

Attention and Listening

Listening is focusing attention on what is heard and is fundamental to the development of speech and language skills.

Top Strategies;
Reduce distraction and background noise whenever possible.
Follow the child’s lead during play and use simple language to comment on what they are doing.
Say the child’s name before giving an instruction.
Use simple, physical, visual or verbal prompts to help the child focus.

Books available;
Attention and Listening in the Early Years, by Sharon Garforth.
Listening and Attention (Penguin Science of Behaviour), by Neville Mora.
The Lost Art of Listening (Guilford Family Therapy), by Michael P. Nichols

Team ASL Cycling News

Paul AllenTeam leader – Paul Allen
Paul has had a number of top 3 placings in Belgian Masters Road Racing (which is notoriously difficult) with 4 second places including second in The Championship of the Benelux and a win at Liederkerke in August with the current and former World Champion European Champion in second place. He has also had several domestic wins mainly at the new Gravesend Cyclopark, Ford Dunton Baslidon and Redbridge circuits.




Lucy Blow (left) supported Team ASL on her hen weekend in August.





cycle4Ben Kirkman (left) started his training  early in the year around Chelmsford, Maldon and the hills in Danbury, Essex.